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This page is here to show you what your page could look like, and to allow you to link to other pages.

This wiki works in a very similar way to the best known wiki of them all ... (long pause for effect) ... Wikipedia. But you already knew that, didn't you.

However, the idea behind this wiki is to learn what happens if a wiki is completely left by the creator (that's me), to the power of anyone and everyone in the world. How far/where the hell would it go?

So, now for you (if you feel crazy enough) to add a page to this little wiki. Just follow these 3 easy steps (a tip wold be to open another tab or window so you have the instructions ready to hand when you're wiki-ing like a mad person);

1 - Right click on 'Add a Page' on the right of the screen, and click 'Open in new tab'.

2 - Give your page a title. Name the page the reason you use Web2.0 technologies. (Examples of Web2.0 are facebook, wikipedia, flickr, gumtree) So things like 'staying in touch', 'shopping' or even 'facebook stalking' are reasons. Up to you.

3 - Fill in some info on the thing you have chosen if you want. Then click 'Publish'. You have now created a wiki page! *whooping and cheering follows*

4 - Okay, so I said 3 steps, but if you've come this far maybe you're willing to come a little further!? Now that you're hopefully making a quick page, why not click the button that looks like a linked chain (next to the Bold and Italic buttons in the top left) and add what is called a 'backlink' to any other page!? The best thing about this part is the page you choose to link doesn't even need to exist yet! Pretty cool, right!?

Thanks all and enjoy x

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